Sir Paul McCartney
Sir Paul McCartney
Fall Out Boy
NFC Championship Game 2007 With
Fall Out Boy
Fred Traube and Bono
Fred Traube and U2’s Bono


For more than 10 years, Pro Sports Music Marketing has delivered the latest and the greatest music to one of the largest US fan bases: professional and collegiate sports. Increasing awareness and developing artists through promotional giveaways, in-stadium scoreboard video play, event airplay, nationally televised performances and more.

Pro Sports Music Marketing is the leader in connecting music and sports entertainment.

Through a vast network in professional and collegiate sports, Pro Sports Music can create aggressive targeted consumer awareness programs in sports venues where the music can reach that valuable 18-49 yr old demographic.

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Named one of “Most Powerful People In Sports”, Frederic Traube has enjoyed a long and successful career in the sports and entertainment industries which began at Atlantic Records and also included stints at Geffen Records, Infinity Broadcasting, Morgan Creek Productions, Georgetown University and Westwood One. His contributions have included artist performances at such major events as The World Series, The MLB and NBA All Star Games, The Super Bowl, MLS Opening Weekend and many more. Music programs include the development of marketing music platforms with all Major League and Minor League Baseball stadiums, NBA arenas, NHL arenas, thirty two National Football League franchises, seventy five major NCAA universities, NASCAR, Fox sports, ESPN sports, Electronic Arts and more.